This page is dedicated to the memory of

Elliott B. Prillig

a Backhus Foundation founding director.

Any organization such as ours requires talented and dedicated people to bring its promise to fruition.

The Backhus Foundation is pleased to have received commitments from an outstanding group of friends and supporters as Directors and Associates.  These fine people helped make the operational decisions at our semiannual Board meetings which permitted us to carry out our functions.

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Our Directors' and Associates' names, photos and brief biographies follow.

Carol D. Backhus

Carol D. Backhus, a Connecticut native, holds a degree in Library Science.  After a brief time in a public school library, she joined the professional world as a research librarian.  Carol has recently retired from her position as head of an information management group in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She now devotes her time to volunteer work.

Jeffrey A. Backhus

Jeffrey A. Backhus, son of the founder, spent his youth in Berkeley, California, graduating from Berkeley High School in 1990.  Jeffrey spent the next eight years in an intensive educational program, graduating from San Francisco State University in 1995, and the University of Southern California Law School in 1998.  He was admitted to the California Bar in November of 1998.  Currently, Jeffrey resides with his wife and family in Los Angeles, California, where he is a Federal Government attorney.

Stephen E. Backhus (founder)

Steve Backhus was a California mathematics & science teacher for 25 years, after spending a decade in industrial quality control in Connecticut.   He retired in 1995.  His Connecticut roots gave him an appreciation for the importance of preserving the past for future generations to enjoy.  The idea for the Backhus Foundation grew out of this background and his increased responsibility to preserve family heritages as the elder generation passed away.

Mary Helen Levine

Mary Helen Levine is a Connecticut native, graduate of the University of San Francisco, a former Northern California real estate professional, and currently a real estate broker and educator in her home town of Waterbury, Connecticut.  She has been bi-coastal for over a decade, spending her time between California, New York, and Connecticut.  In addition, Mary Helen is fluent in Italian, and tries to spend part of each year in Italy.  Her interest in the arts has been life-long.

Roberta Maloy

Roberta Maloy is a California native.  Her ancestors were early pioneers in the development of west coast salmon packing.  Roberta holds a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from SFSU.  Her professional career saw her active during the telecommunications revolution.  Roberta currently resides in Sausalito, Ca., where she is a governing director and the publicity chair of the Sausalito Woman's Club.   She acted as secretary and investment advisor for the Backhus Foundation Board of Directors.

Thomas D. Martin

Thomas D. Martin is a native of Lansdale, Pennsylvania.  Tom earned his Bachelors Degree in Legal Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.  He went on to the University of Southern California Law School, where he received his law degree in 1998.  He currently resides in the Los Angeles, California area with his wife and family.   He practices law there.  Tom has graciously taken time from his busy schedule to serve as a Director of our Foundation.

Elliott Prillig

Elliott Prillig is a Connecticut native, graduate of UCONN, and holds pharmacy licenses in a number of states.  His early years, spent in R & D, culminated in a number of new pharmaceutical products.  Later, he installed and operated pharmaceutical plants around the world.  He has a deep interest in American Indian culture, and an abiding respect for historic preservation.  Elliott and founder Steve Backhus were childhood neighbors and lifelong friends.  Elliott is a senior pharmaceutical executive in New Jersey.

Lynn Strandberg

Lynn Strandberg is a California native, and graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.  She was a computer programmer and technical consultant for more than twenty five years.  She recently retired to pursue her avocations, particularly bird-watching and volunteer work, more thoroughly.  Her husband, Charles Martin, is associated with a highly specialized book publisher in San Francisco.  Lynn and Charles reside in one of San Francisco's charming neighborhoods.  Lynn's interests are in the Arts, travel, & environmental preservation.

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