Steve Backhus presents the Backhus Foundation's Second Grant Award to Ann Brodsky-Williams and Tony Williams at their Meridian Gallery, San Francisco  (The quilt in background was on exhibit at the time.)

Click HERE to view the mural this grant helped to make a reality.

The MERIDIAN GALLERY sponsors the Meridian Interns Program (MIP), a paid art gallery training program for low income teens of diverse racial and cultural origin from San Francisco, under the direction of the Society for Art Publications of the Americas [an IRS(501(c)(3) non-profit entity].

Begun in 1996, the MIP program for low-income youths ages 14-17, serves 45 students (many of whom return each year) for up to ten months a year.  Students learn art-making and experience all the processes of managing an art gallery in downtown San Francisco.  Their instructors are four young professional working artists, who generously share their own experience, impart knowledge of art-making, art history, and give professional insights to the interns.  The program's five-day-a-week after-school workshops, and daily five hour summer workshop sessions take place at, and in the context of, the Meridian Gallery.  Students learn to install shows, write publicity, arrange public programs, and publish their own writings and drawings in the Meridian Gallery 'Zine.  They learn to create their own websites, set up their own exhibitions, and form their own cross-cultural community.

Meridian Gallery is located at 545 Sutter Street (between Powell and Mason) in San Francisco, California.  We encourage you to visit this fine program in person, and be sure to look them up at their website, for more info and their gallery show schedules, (or see our LINKS section).