The S. E. & L. C. Backhus Foundation supports the arts, education, history, and historic preservation.   We make annual financial Grants (click to see our list of recipients) to individuals, groups, or applicable organizations, in fields of the arts such as music, painting, writing, poetry, film; and education, history/historic preservation.

We also make grants to education oriented groups or individuals who bring an appreciation of the arts, education, or history to people.  And we make grants to dedicated individuals, groups, or organizations, identified by our Directors as original or creative thinkers - people who are pioneers in their fields, and/or who pursue noble ideas, and work to bring them to fruition.

During our first years, we developed a Museum of Collections where family histories, memorabilia, art, collections, and artifacts of American life were displayed.  The museum, which was located in Novato, Ca, opened in July, 2002 and closed in July, 2005.  Check the Museums section of this website for photos and possible future plans.

If you are enthusiastic about the arts, education, or history, or understand the compelling drive to preserve the past, we hope you'll be motivated to contact us.

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