An early goal of the Backhus Foundation was to open a family history/historic preservation museum.  We accomplished that goal with the opening of our "Museum of Collections" on July 10, 2002, in the city of Novato, California.  Click on this Museum Photos link to see what our main exhibit space looked like.   The Museum's exhibit highlights included:

  • Our first "Family Histories"
  • Photos & artifacts of WWII in the Pacific
  • A fascinating exhibit on America's Black Towns and Settlements by local historian Morris Turner, III
  • A portion of the Clarence Zeiler collection of toy cars of the 1950's
  • An operating 1950's model railroad, + more!

If you were able to visit us while the Museum was open to the public, we hope you enjoyed and appreciated our effort.  The Museum closed in July of 2005.

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A Future Museum Idea

To illustrate a future museum concept, we enlisted the help of an accomplished professional artist, Gaye Lynne LaGuire, to sketch a museum concept involving collector cars, family histories, and an art gallery.  Click on this Museum Sketch link for Gaye Lynne's fine pen and ink rendering of how such a museum might appear.  To see more of Gaye Lynne's work, visit

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